Licensing options

If you want to upgrade your license. Please click here! Scroll down to learn which license is best for you.


Semi-Professional license that is typically used by beginner artists that want to promote their song on SoundCloud or YouTube.

This license comes with an industry-quality single WAV file without tags. Tracked Out stems are not included which limits the potential quality of the final song.

Live performances, radio streams, and distribution on digital platforms are limited.


Track Stems (Popular)

A professional license is the most popular among artists that are releasing their song on digital platforms (e.g. Spotify, iTunes, etc.) or perform with the song in live (paid) performances.

This license comes with high-quality tracked-out files which are essential for mixing songs professionally.

We do not recommend this license if you think your song has the potential to surpass 250,000 streams or video views



Professional license with no limitations on streams, plays or sales. No doubt, this is the best non-exclusive license you can get.

This license is generally purchased by artists that believe their song could blow up and surpass the streaming caps of other licenses.

We strongly recommend this license to professional artists and especially to those who invest a marketing budget for their music release.

We also recommend this license to (professional) YouTubers or vloggers.


Exclusive Rights

If you’re serious and think you need exclusive rights, get in touch with us. Keep in mind that we only take on serious inquiries.